A small selection of print work I've done over the years: CD artwork, brochures, posters, letterheads, business cards etc. A lot of my print work has been unbearably dull and not very interesting (rebranding and reworking 178 in-house corporate documents, for instance!) so I haven't included any of that stuff! A lot of my print work has been done for singer/songwriter Nick Harper. I've included all of his stuff in a separate section.

Poster created for the Raspberry Parade project...and then aged accordingly

Gig poster for a band I used to be in

The Longbarrow Brochure

The Longbarrow Brochure

Bespoke map design for The Longbarrow brochure

Tour poster created for a local youth club band's Christmas gig

I've done hundreds of these - business cards, letterheads etc

Old CD deigns. I still rather like the drawing of Zoë Ball :)

Brochure design for Danish Homes

More letterheads, business cards etc

CD artwork for The Obvious Department

Financial brochure design

Letterhead, business cards and compliment slip design for Rena's Promise

on-body artwork for Bren Haze's album Set Free

CD sleeve for Bren Haze's album Set Free

on-body artwork for Martin Hands' EP Don't Go

CD sleeve for Martin Hands' EP "Don't Go"

Bespoke map for a walking guide to Avebury

Layout, logo and character design for Wilts CIL presentation

Unused idea for an anti size-zero campaign. "Too risky", apparently!

Lichtenstein-esque Marketing Postcard for nTouch, using photos of a few of their employees!

Gig poster for The Lupinis

Artwork for The Lupini's CD Bleed

On-body artwork for The Lupini's CD Bleed

Grammar Wars (a school musical) CD artwork

On-body artwork for the Grammar Wars CD

Stonehenge '84 poster I designed for Tim Daw's Stonehenge.me project. They sold rather well!